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Adventures places in world on word salad an extreme form of thought disorder, manifest in severely disorganized and virtually incomprehensible speech or writing; the person’s associations appear to have little or no logical connection. It is strongly suggestive of schizophrenia. word-superiority effect the finding that, when presented briefly, individual letters are more easily identified in the context of a word than when presented alone. A similar but weaker effect is obtained when letters are presented as part of a pronounceable but meaningless vowel-consonant combination, such as deet or pling. working memory a multicomponent model of short-term memory that has a phonological (or articulatory) loop to retain verbal information, a visuospatial scratchpad to retain visual information, and a central executive to deploy attention between them. working through 1. in psychotherapy, the process by which clients identify, explore, and deal with psychological issues, on both an intellectual and emotional level, through the presentation of such WPPSI material to, and in discussion with, the therapist. Adventures places in world 2016.

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