ADIMANTUS the Manichean 3rd c.. One of Mani’s three closest disciples. In Contra adversarium legis et prophetarum II,xii,41 Augustine of Hippo reports that he was also called Addas, the name of a disciple of Mani known to us from the Acts of Archelaus, which identifies him as the apostle of Manicheism to Scythia. Both this and a Manichean writing in Middle Persian say that Addas or Addai was celebrated for his writings and that he was sent by Mani to carry out missionary work in Egypt, according to the latter source. A Chinese text refers to him as Ato. According to original texts in Coptic and Iranian, he reached the Tigris Al Madail and the Nile Alexandria. His book Against Moses and the Other Prophets spurred Augustine to write Contra Adimantum Manichaei discipulum ca. 394, in which he defended the OT and criticized Manichean biblical interpretation. Faustus of Milevis identifies Adimantus as the most important Manichean teacher after Mani himself: solo nobis post patrem nostrum Manichaeum studendo the only teacher we have after our father Mani worthy of our attention Augustine, Contra Faustum I,2; Faustus sic miratur Adimantum ut ei solum praeferat Manichaeum Faustus paises Adimantus so much that only Mani is preferred to him ibid., VI,6. This would indicate that Manichei discipulum is to be taken literally: Adimantus was one of Mani’s twelve disciples. CPL 319; PL 42, 129-172; CSEL 25/1, 115-190; BA 17, 196-375; P. Alfaric, Les critures manichennes, II, Paris 1919, 104-106, 165; F. Chtillon, Adimantus Manichaei discipulus, Revue du Moyen Age Latin 10 1954 191-203; F. Decret, Aspects du manichisme dans l’Afrique romaine: Les controverses de Fortunatus, Faustus et Felix avec saint Augustin, Paris 1970, 13, 68-69, 97-98; Idem, L’Afrique manichenne IVe -Ve si¨cles: ‰tude historique et doctrinale, Paris 1978, I, 93-105, II, 69-70; H.J.W. Drijvers, Addai und Mani: Christentum und Manich¤ismus im dritten Jahrhundert in Syrien, in R. Lavenant ed., IIIº Symposium Syriacum 1980, Orientalia Christiana Analecta, 221, Rome 1983, 171-185; G. Sfameni Gasparro, Addas-Adimantus unus ex discupulis Manichaei: For the History of Manichaeism in the West, in R.E. Emmerick – W. Sundermann – P. Zieme eds., Studia Manichaica, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berichte und Abhandlungen, Sonderband 4, Berlin 2000, 546-559.
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