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Adazu Novads Travel on In this way, border struggles open a new continent of political possibilities, a space within which new kinds of political subjects, which abide neither the logics of citizenship nor established methods of radical political organization and action, can trace their movements and multiply their powers. The exploration of this continent, beginning with the material conditions that generate the tensions of which border struggles are the sign, seems to us more promising”and more politically urgent”than the simple denunciation of the capacity of borders to exclude or the wish for a world without borders. Border as Method More than once we have recalled Balibar’s notion of the polysemy of the border, a concept that corresponds with the multiplicity of terms that, in many languages, refer to the semantic area of the border (just think, in English, of the words boundary andfrontier). It is no accident that today the metaphoric use of these terms is widespread (Newman and Paasi 1998). This is evident not only in everyday language (e.g., the frontiers of scientific research) but also in the specialist language of the social sciences, where phrases such as boundary work and boundary object have entered into common use (Lemont and Molnar 2002). Adazu Novads Travel 2016.

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