ADAMNAN or Adomnn d. 704. Saint feast 23 Sept.; born Drumhone, Ireland, ca. 624, abbot of Iona in Scotland after 679. A relative of St. Columbanus, the founder, whose biography he wrote, drawing on both his personal memories and those of others PL 88; ed. A.O. Anderson – M.O. Anderson, London 1961. Imposed the Roman system of dating Easter on the community. Between 679688 he also wrote three books De locis sanctis CCL 175- 234, based on the recollections of a pilgrim the Gallic bishop Arculf, who had been in the East and in Rome and other sources Jerome, Sulpicius Severus, Juvencus: the work was a source for Bede, whose De locis sanctis is a compilation of Adamnan’s. The canons published by L. Bieler The Irish Penitentials, Dublin 1963 are of doubtful authenticity. Adamnan could be the author of the scholia to Virgil’s Eclogues ca. 700?. Adamnan enjoyed great prestige in Ireland and with king Alfrid of Northumbria. Besides supporting prisoners and women, he helped bring the Celtic church closer to Roman usage, to which he was converted in 688 by Ceolfrith. CPL 1134; 2332; P. Grosjean, Les noms d’Adomnn et de Br- ndn: AB 78 1960 375-381; Id., Pour la date de fondation d’Iona et celle de la mort de S. Colum Cille: AB 78 1960 381- 390; J.M. Picard, The Purpose of Adomnn’s Vita Columbae: Peritia 1 1982 160-177; Id., Bede, Adomnn, and the Writing of History: Peritia 3 1984 50-70; Id., The Bible used by Adomnn, in Irland und die Christenheit. Bibelstudien und Mission, eds. P. N­ Chathin – M. Richter, Stuttgart 1987, 246-257; J. MacQueen, The Saint as Seer: Adomnan’s Account of Columba, in The Seer in Celtic and Other Traditions, ed. H.E. Davidson, Edinburgh 1989, 37-51; A.O. Anderson – M.O. Anderson, ed. and tr., Adomnan’s Life of Columba, 2nd ed. rev. Oxford 1991; T. O’Loughlin, The Exegetical Purpose of Adomnn’s De Locis Sanctis: CMCS 24 1992 37-53; T. O’Laughlin, Celtic Theology: Humanity, World and God in Early Irish Writings, LondonNew York 2000, ch. 4.
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