Activities and Attractions When You Visit Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is widely considered one of the most beautiful regions to visit in the world today. The Portuguese Southern coast boasts beautiful green regions, incredible resorts, sun, sea and sand. If you’re going to a place with such potential, then it’s a good idea to make the most out of it while you’re there. The Quinta do Lago is one of the most sought after destinations in the Algarve, and when you read about the wealth of activities and attractions available to you, it won’t be hard to imagine why.

Fairways in Fair Weather

If it’s your first time visiting the Quinta do Lago resort on a golf trip, then you’re in for a treat. If you’re returning again, then this section is somewhat preaching to the choir.

The resort’s three championship golf courses aren’t just recognised as the best in their country, they’re widely considered to be some of the finest in the world. The South Course has earned its staging of the Portuguese Open 8 times, and the newest course, Laranjal’is already gaining quite the reputation. Quinta do Lago is without a doubt one of the most stunning places you will ever enjoy the luxury of 18, sun-kissed holes.

Perfect Service

Golfers aren’t the only sportsmen and sportswomen that enjoy star treatment at Quinta do Lago; the tennis academy at the resort is well equipped and ready to serve you up some aces. The Jim Stewart Tennis Academy has four immaculate courts that are kept by a dedicated team, and always bathed in sun.

The Academy offers professional standards for those who are well versed in the game, but also looks after families, children, or those who are looking to hone their skill. Coaching, training and competitions are available for young children, beginners, up to the standard of globally ranked players. It’s nice to know you don’t have to be a pro, you can relax and enjoy a game at any level. Your getaway should always be good fun!

Out in the Blue

If you’re visiting the coast of Portugal, then the sea is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions to recommend. The Quinta do Lago resort has its own Water sport Centre, and give you the chance to make amazing memories while you’re making waves.

The region has a beautiful blend of calm bodies of water that are sheltered inland, and the swaying tides of the North Atlantic Ocean, both within 5 minutes of each other!

This variety, so close together, gives you the chance to choose between your waterborne activities and offers up the best of both worlds. Head onto open waters on a Canoe or Pedalo, go windsurfing or have a Sailing session, all at the Lago Water sport Centre. If you head down to the beach, you can feel the rush of a Jet Ski adventure, go water skiing, or enjoy Banana and Ringo-rides with your family and friends!

Your Own Adventure

Sometimes, the best thing about heading to such a beautiful place is exploring it off the beaten track’. The landscape is a perfect habitat for those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you enjoy it on foot or on two wheels, there are roads, paths, sand dunes and bike trails to whet your appetite for adventure. If you want some serious speed, you can make a 5 minute drive to the Algarve’s most famous go-kart track, and burn through the laps any time of the year.

If you’re looking for complete relaxation, of course, then simply pick a spot and watch the waves lap against the golden sand from sunrise to sunset. The finest beaches in the world are waiting to welcome you. If shopping helps you to unwind, then get your spending money ready to splash out at any of the world class boutiques in the resort’s own shopping mall. The nightlife is also just as exciting; there are a wealth of exquisite bars, restaurants, social spots and entertainment for you to enjoy.


There isn’t another resort quite like Quinta do Lago. There really is something for everyone, all in one place. Enjoy sport and leisure at your own pace, great food and fantastic weather. Whether you’re there on business or pleasure, your family, friends, colleagues or team-mates are guaranteed to enjoy every second you spend in the amazing Algarve region.

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