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Abruzzi Travel on lt had merged into the world of cloud and water, of natural forces and forms of nature. In our activity alone do we find the sustaining illusion of an independent existence as against the whole scheme of things of which we form a heipless part. Decoud lost aIl belief in the reality ofhis action past and to come. On the fifth day an immense melancholy descended on him palpably. He resolved not to give himself up hopelessly to those people in Sulaco, who had beset him, unreal and terrible, like jibbering and obscene specters. He saw himself struggling feebly in their midst, and Antonia, gigantic and lovely like an allegorical Corzrads Colonial (Non)Commurzity: Nostromo 225 statue, looking on with scornful eyes at his weakness .. Abruzzi Travel 2016.

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