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Abia Travel on Bowen, The Bank of England During the Long Eighteenth Century, 1694–1820, Roberts, et al., eds., The Bank of England: Money, Power and Influence, 1694–1994 (Oxford University Press, 1995); John Clapham, The Bank of England: A History (Cambridge University Press, 1966); Barry Eichengreen, Globalizing Capital: A History of the International Monetary System (Princeton University Press, 1996); John Giuseppi, The Bank of England: A History from its Foundation in 1694 (Evans Brothers, 1966). PATRICK DOLENC, PH.D. KEENE STATE COLLEGE Bank of France FOUNDED JANUARY 18, 1800, by the administration of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Bank of France was part of a broader reorganization of the French state by Napoleon (including, for example, the establishment of a national legal code and departmental system), that aimed at creating a post-revolutionary nation state, combating the economic depression of the Revolutionary era, and invigorating the relatively weak French economy. It had not escaped Napoleon’s notice that dynamic European military and economic powers in the 18th century, such as England and the Netherlands, had benefited in many spheres from the creation of central banks. Abia Travel 2016.

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