9 Best Day Trips from San Francisco

9. Half Moon Bay 

Half Moon Bay 

8. Berkeley 

San Francisco – Golden Gate Park Segway Tour

One of the most prized gems of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Park. And today, we’re gonna explore it on a Segway. We’re doing a little obstacle course to get a bit more comfortable on the Segways. I think I got it, I think I got it. All right, we are trained, we are ready. Let’s ride. So, your Segway tour of Golden Gate Park’s gonna cover the entire eastern portion of the park. You’re gonna see the Conservatory of Flowers, Hippie Hill, 9 best day trips from san francisco and the Japanese Tea Garden. You’re gonna do a little bit of off-roading through a redwood grove. So, it’s a really great way to experience the park. Woo-hoo! Riding a Segway is very natural.


7. Monterey Peninsula 

Just lean forward or backward and just do whatever your body wanna do. This area was called the outside lands by the people that used to own San Francisco back in the day. We’re here at the Academy of Arts and Sciences and there’s so many different trees and buildings and statues around. And we’re getting a little briefing of what this park’s all about. So, 9 best day trips from san francisco we’ve arrived in the Australian tree fern grove and all the plants here are prehistoric.

Monterey Peninsula 

6. Sonoma Wine Country 

This is what North America would’ve looked like 2.6 million years ago. The tour was really great because we got to see a lot more than we would have than when we were walking. This has been an absolute blast. We got to see so much of Golden Gate Park, ride around on these awesome Segways, and now I can, by foot, continue to explore.

Sonoma Wine Country 

5. Yosemite National Park 

This post we’re in San Francisco exploring Japantown on a food tour. Let’s go. This tour is for anyone that likes to eat, it’s for families, couples, with a bunch of girlfriends, with anyone. All the neighborhoods have a story, and so we want to start you off with that foundation so you understand why we’ve brought you to a specific neighborhood, and then how has that food scene evolved as the neighborhood has evolved.

Yosemite National Park 

4. Santa Cruz 

This is taiyaki. These are like grilled fish shaped pancakes that’s stuffed with red bean. Mmm. It’s a very relaxed fun, educational tour. And then you get to taste some of the traditional foods, and so how can you beat that? I was surprised I liked the food so much.

Santa Cruz 

3. Napa Valley 

And I’d recommend it to anybody. I really like okonomiyaki because I think the bonito flakes are so mystifying the way they float back and forth. And it’s delicious. It’s great to see how people feel after a tour. That’s great to show someone a neighborhood so they have the confidence to go and be on their own.

Napa Valley 

2. Sausalito 


1. Muir Woods 

#1 of Best Day Trips From San Francisco

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