5 Ways to Stick to Your Diet While Traveling


‘We normally have atwo-hour training sessionlate morning, so I get uparound 8.30am. On atraining day, I’ll have eggswith a veggie skillet ofsweet potatoes andmushrooms cooked incoconut oil, plus a coffee.On a non-training day,I love poached eggs onsourdough with avocado.’


‘I have protein smoothiesevery day as a snack anduse either whey or riceprotein. I mix proteinpowder, almond milk,berries, super greenspowder or spinach,banana, yoghurt andpeanut or almond butter.’

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‘We get lunch providedfor us at the club straightafter we train. It’s usuallya good balance of leanprotein, carbs and veg.I try to eat white fish, riceand a mix of vegetablesand fruit.’


‘I drink a lot of water anda couple of good coffeesa day. I eat well 80 percent of the time. I reallylike chocolate, but try tolimit it. My favourite isGreen & Black’s OrganicThin Salted Caramel milkchocolate. I love a burgerand sweet potato friesand I also like to unwindwith a glass of red wine.’


‘I eat a lot of chicken andI love Middle Eastern food,such as marinated andgrilled chicken with saladand pitta bread or sweetpotato wedges. It’s allabout lean proteins andgood carbohydrates.For me, it’s what I havepost-training to help myrecovery that’s important.I’ve been trying to cookwith more spices andherbs, too, especiallyginger and turmeric fortheir anti-inflammatoryproperties. I always haveeggs, milk, vegetables,berries, yoghurt and meatin the fridge. The Englandteam uses nutritionistMatt Lovell, who has reallyimproved my knowledge.’


‘I’m in the gym from3-4pm, five or six daysa week, doing a couple oflower-body sessions, anupper-body one andlower-impact training. IfI’m doing a session onmy own, I have a proteinsmoothie straight after,then a balanced mealwithin an hour.’SUPPLEMENTS‘I use Amino Man R5(£39.99 for 400g;aminoman.com) to helpmy body’s recovery andrepair, plus Amino ManSuper Greens (£23.99 for150g) to up my veg; fishoil (I don’t like salmon);and a multivitamin.’

5 Ways to Stick to Your Diet While Traveling


‘With the focus on lean protein and good carbs, Jodie’s diet provides theright balance of nutrients to fuel her training, replenish her glycogen storesafterwards and repair and build her muscles. Heavy training can strain theimmune system so Jodie should buy yoghurt with probiotic bacteria or takea probiotic supplement. Eating prebiotic foods such as banana and onionwill also help boost good bacteria. Making sure her diet contains vitamin Cand zinc will help strengthen her immunity too, so an orange, two kiwi fruitsor juice at breakfast would be good plus pumpkin seeds to boost zinc.’

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