5 Best Supplements for Womens Over 40

Manage those moods What may start out as your most settled decade can become anything but if pre-menopause causes problems. You might be returning to work or taking on new responsibilities in your job, so you might need a confidence boost. You may also experience fatigue, weight gain and digestion problems. Calcium See your GP for a bone density test, then take a supplement.

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If your life is hectic, keep taking 800mg calcium and 400mg magnesium.

Iron Heavy periods can be exhausting, so try taking a course of iron tonic such as Floradix. Take it for two weeks, starting a few days before your period. Kelp Taking 1000mg a day will feed your thyroid gland.

Borderline low thyroid levels – which cause fatigue, weight gain and sluggish digestion – are often mistaken for pre-menopause symptoms. Phytoestrogens Also known as soy isoflavones, these aim to build up your oestrogen levels, encouraging symptomfree menopause. And to soothe you, The Australian Bush Flower Essence Five Corners may help in building up your self-esteem and confidence.

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