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2015 travel destinations on In a trending market, the latter offer may have been a reasonable option to pursue, but with prices traveling in a range, and in the tricky 50-level area to boot, not to mention the technical resistance of the flag on the left ( 1 -5), trading the break above bar 1 1 cannot be regarded as a high-odds play. At the end of the UK session (which is the start of the US lunch-hour doldrums) , the break of bar 1 2 was a definite skip for three reasons at least: (a) the bear break of the final box had not been proven false; (b) prices resided in the danger zone of the range’s highs, and (c) the bull entry suffered high risk of the 50-level adverse magnet. A poisonous offer indeed. Figure 8.3 Session overview: Whenever we have a one-sided market on our hands, all bets against dominance are basically off. A better idea, on the whole, is to pick up a pullback reversal in the 25ema region. So patience is required. 2015 travel destinations 2016.

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