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2015 best family vacations on However, with both the environment and the setup speaking in favor of continuation, this was of minor concern only and certainly not disruptive enough to skip the trade (enter long on the break of combi 5) . How about the 7-9 retracement. This was another pullback to the trending 25ema, but we can immediately see that the conditions in which it showed up were not nearly as favorable. First of all, the progression was not a neat, one-sided diagonal retracement to the average (the bullish upstroke at 8 had turned the pullback into a two-legged Chapter 5 Trade Setups – Pullback Reversal swing) , but more worrisome was the fact that the correction was now part of a head-and-shoulders topping formation (6-7-8) . As a matter of fact, the neckline of this progression (low of the box) was broken by the very same bar that treacherously posed itself as a signal bar for a pullback reversal long (9). When we have both bearish and bullish elements in place (reversal element in a trending market), the general consensus on the situation is likely to be divided. A problem this is not, because we do not have to trade. 2015 best family vacations 2016.

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