10 top cities to visit in the world

10 top cities to visit in the world on I look at the low and then the high and consider the momentum will carry a stock off the low up to but not over the high. Remember though that the stock must be under positive momentum or you will forever be chasing stocks that look like they might be bottoming. News almost always begins the momentum, so look for upgrades, earnings stories, or sector stories. Many times you will see a stock that blows away earnings expectations early in the earnings season. Watch the fellow sector stocks because many times institutions will begin pouring money in other sector-related issues that can be the beginning of a huge move in anticipation of unexpected increased revenues and earnings. Be careful about chasing increased revenues because many times companies will report 100-percent increased revenues, but they spent 120-percent in advertising and expansion costs to get those extra revenues. Earnings are the biggie and a smart trader should always consider how the earnings were increased and how bright the forward-going future looks. 10 top cities to visit in the world 2016.

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